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Ranking #1 in Search Engines (SEO)

Ranking #1 on Google by Abandoning SEO

Ranking #1 is easy.
It's what comes next that matters more.

Ranking #1 in SEO is Easy

The global nature of Google and Amazon has made it difficult for small businesses to succeed online; however, there is no reason why you cannot rank #1 on Google.

A startup like Sunstreak Slimes is in direct competition with big brand names such as Walmart and Target, and its limited inventory—fewer than twenty products—automatically puts it at a disadvantage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  

In fact, one might think Sunstreak Slimes has no chance at beating Walmart and Target in the search engine ranking game. That’s probably true for broad, popular keywords, like “slime.” But a little research and a little creativity can boost search engine rankings: finding niche keywords can help.

“Slime” might be too broad a term, but my daughter’s site ranks well for “Avalanche slime", in top 3 for “Galaxy Avalanche slime”, #1 for '"Glossy Cotton Candy Slime", and naturally #1 for “Sunstreak slimes.” She has maintained such ranking despite abandoning website content updates and SEO in general for over a year.

The key point here is to not get lost in the online noise around SEO, but to adopt new terms that are easy to remember and are guaranteed to reach the top spot in search engine results. The challenge with this approach is not really to rank #1 in search engine results, but to get your potential customers to know about it.

Sunstreak Slimes could launch a social media campaign to generate awareness of Avalanche Slime through free giveaways and weekly challenges, not just generating direct traffic for her website but also generating more searches for the creative terms for which she is already ranking #1. This is not only easier, but also less expensive than trying to rank #1 for broad keywords or investing in online Ad campaigns, especially if your profit margin per sale is below $100.

Oddly enough, for the past several years, one relatively unknown shopping cart platform - SharedMall - has consistently outranked the largest shopping cart platforms on all major search engines for the search terms "next-generation website and e-commerce platform". Now it's up to SharedMall to generate awareness that it's best suited website and shopping cart platform for small and local businesses.

This approach works for any and every business. There are a lot of opportunities out there to ensure potential customers will find your site. Sometimes you just have to challenge the status quo, especially when the "overhead" dictated by search engines (as in SEO) is shrouded in the term "optimization".

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