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Agree? Or, Disagree?

Open Up Your Mind
Jatin Patro - Agree to Agree
Discipline, rules, discrimination, authority ... some we comply with, some we resist.

Agree to Disagree = Give in.
Disagree and Commit = Give up.

My formal introduction to the terms "agree to disagree" and "disagree and commit" was in the corporate world. It was encouraged to practice these, as a way of overcome stalemate and move on. At what cost? How's that working out everywhere else? See any parallels?

Giving in or giving up... should we be preaching that?
Everybody has a perspective and everybody has the right to feel they are right from their own perspective. They may not be right from our perspective, but they are right from their own perspective. When everybody is right from their own perspective, if we fail to agree with others, it's simply a reflection of our inability to see from their perspective, and all we need to do is open our mind.

Easier said than done!

Agreeing with another does not entail giving up one's own perspective or opinions, but rather to look at it (and learn) from the other's perspective. The fortunate few who possess the ability to unbiasedly agree with contradicting viewpoints are better suited to solve the problems facing our communities.

"Agree to disagree", and "disagree and commit" are meant for the rest.

Agree? Or, disagree?