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Loser's Approach to Competition

A Loser's Approach to Competition!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed breaking up Big Tech (Google, Amazon, and Facebook) because they have too much influence on the digital economy and are defining the online competitive landscape to favor their own interests at the expense of small businesses.

That's absolutely true, and I share real examples and scenarios in my upcoming book titled Escaping SEO and Amazon, on how Google and Amazon are becoming a growing threat to small businesses and their economies. 

Don't break up Big Tech Google, Amazon, and Facebook - Innovate!Their practices may seem unfair from one perspective, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren points out, but they are equally fair from another perspective. Anybody unable to comprehend the various perspectives is bound to side with one and not the other, and in the process lose focus on the real cause of the problem.

The problem is not that big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have succeeded due to unfair practices, but more so that their smaller competitors - the small businesses - have been neglected and ignored in numerous ways and are now in a situation where they lack the necessary tools and support to get competitive online.

Google, Amazon, and Facebook were each a small startup in the beginning. They didn't have to drag down their bigger competitors in order to succeed - they innovated and succeeded.

Technology Time, and Cost are the real hurdles for small and local businesses. If the threats and challenges to small businesses are to be addressed at their core, then it's these three hurdles that we should be focusing on, rather than talking about breaking up big tech - breaking up big tech is a loser's solution! 

It's the lack of innovation... lack of tools... resistance to change... and surely lack of leadership in the technology space that has left the small, local, and independent businesses at the mercy of radical proposals such as that from Sen. Warren, that help more with scoring political points rather than solving the problem at hand.

Stripping away the power of big tech by breaking them up is a loser's approach to dealing with real-world competition. Let's be fair... let's give them credit for their success and innovate to bring the change we seek!

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