Jatin Patro - Visionary, Social Entrepreneur, and Small Business Advocate
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I'm a seasoned technologist with over 22 years of experience leading uncharted IT and e-commerce initiatives at Intel and FedEx, currently committed to improving the short-term and long-term survival and growth prospects for online businesses through the deployment of SharedMall - the next generation website and e-commerce platform, where technology/time/cost are no longer hurdles to online growth for small businesses, and where
Search Engine Optimization Overhead (SEO)
is no longer a burden. "Optimization" is meant to result in efficiency... not the overhead dictated by Google and propagated by webmasters! It's not just SEO, though, technology and trends across the board are continuing to move in a direction that diminishes the relevance of small businesses and communities in the online competitive landscape.

I'm leading the conversation and challenging the status quo on online technology and trends through my #1 Amazon bestselling book - Escaping SEO and Amazon - that sheds light on the real-world online challenges and offers immediate hope and long-term relief to businesses, through a prescription for online success, and the foundation for a future that favors small businesses online.

I'm now pioneering a nationwide initiative to deploy the next generation search and shopping alternatives to Google and Amazon. A bold new initiative that offers motivated young entrepreneurs and wanna-be startups the training and support to develop and deploy their own regional alternatives to Google and Amazon, under a shared business model that enables each new startup with instant access to the online infrastructure and an opportunity to generate revenue from day 1, as outlined under this startup opportunity.

Among other things, I'm part of the executive committee and board member at SCORE (PDX chapter) and I also volunteer as a business counselor and workshop instructor at non-profits such as SCORE, public libraries, and various Chambers of Commerce.
Jatin Patro, Founder and Owner of SharedMall

  • 9+ yrs as Founder/Owner of SharedMall
  • Business Counselor at various Non-Profits
  • Chairman of Workshop Committee, SCORE (PDX)


  • 14 yrs leading IT Initiatives at Intel
  • 3 yrs developing Web solutions at FedEx


  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering