Jatin Patro - Visionary, Social Entrepreneur, and Small Business Advocate


I'm a seasoned technologist with over 22 years of experience leading uncharted IT and e-commerce initiatives at Intel and FedEx, committed to improving the long-term survival and growth prospects for small businesses and their communities, through next generation website platform, where businesses readily overcome their current technology, time, and cost hurdles to online growth, and get setup for a future where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer and overhead and Amazon is no longer a threat to small businesses.

What Google refers to as SEO is in fact Search Engine Overhead for businesses. Optimization is meant to result in efficiency... not overhead! It's not just SEO, though, technology and trends across the board are continuing to move in a direction that diminishes the relevance of small businesses and communities. Unfortunately, rather than question such trends, the vast majority of businesses and their service providers have accepted these unfavorable trends as the norm. It's time to take a step back and challenge the status quo!

I'm leading the conversation to challenge the status quo on online technology and trends that are unfavorable to small and independent businesses, described in my book - Escaping SEO and Amazon - that helps the reader understand the real-world online challenges from current technology and trends online, and offers immediate relief to small businesses through a prescription for online success, while laying the foundation for a future that favors small businesses online.

Among other things, I volunteer as a business counselor and online sales and marketing instructor at non-profits such as SCORE, public libraries, and various Chambers of Commerce.
Jatin Patro, Founder and Owner of SharedMall

  • 9+ yrs as Founder/Owner of SharedMall
  • Business Counselor at various Non-Profits
  • Chairman of Workshop Committee, SCORE (PDX)


  • 14 yrs leading IT Initiatives at Intel
  • 3 yrs developing Web solutions at FedEx


  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in Environmental Engineering