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Escaping SEO and Amazon (paperback) - $20.00

Escaping SEO and Amazon (paperback)

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Name: Jatin Patro
Company: SharedMall
Location: Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: 971-267-3701
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The Online Transformation favoring small businesses and their communities

Online technology has revolutionized commerce, from mega brands to local stores. But if independent businesses want to counter the growing challenges and threats, they need to innovate, adapt and collaborate online. 

Jatin Patro, business owner and pioneer of the next generation website, e-commerce, and community platform SharedMall highlights the growing challenges and threats small businesses face online, prescribes a website architecture for small businesses to win online, and offers real-world examples and practical solutions for small businesses to thrive online today and in the future. 
In Escaping SEO and Amazon, he shows you how small businesses can overcome technology, time, and cost constraints and contend in the digital economy with minimal money and technical expertise. From claiming #1 spot in search engine without doing any Search Engine Optimization, to succeeding online with complete disregard of SEO and Amazon, Jatin shares experiences from real businesses to demonstrate actionable solutions that you can implement independently, using his SharedFACT model. 
Escaping SEO and Amazon is an easy read non-technical guide for all audiences of all business backgrounds, and is the 1st in the series: The Online Transformation

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